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Self Esteem


Children, Youth & the Covid-19 Vaccine

Click here to read more information about children, youth and the Covid-19 vaccine.

Parents Are Not Alone

Parenting can be hard.

Sometimes your baby just won’t stop crying or your kid has behaviour issues that make you feel stressed and overwhelmed.You’re not alone. 

You Can Help Me

Am I at school with no lunch? Do you hear my mom and dad fighting?

You might think it’s none of your business. Or you don’t know what to say. But I need you…Because 

Kids Don’t Come With An Instruction Manual

Most of us have to learn how to be good parents

What works for one child might not work for the next.Maybe you want to know how to discipline your kids.

Play Together, Grow Together

We live hectic lives and that can make us feel stressed.

Finding time to have fun together as a family can help us stay connected and remind us what we love about our kids…..

We Can Help

Spanish – Quiénes somos

French – Qui nous sommes


– من نحن

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The Community Plan to Protect Infants
Living in High Risk Environments
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Pandemic Parenting

Child Abuse Prevention &

Strengthening Families Toolkit

Community Plan

The Middlesex-London Community Plan was developed in 2001 in response to the recommendations of the Jury Inquest into the death of five week old Jordan Heikamp who died of chronic starvation in a Toronto shelter for abused women.

Key to the recommendations was the need to prioritize infant needs in service delivery and establish strong and effective inter-agency collaboration around service coordination and planning to promote the optimal safety, growth and development of infants under the age of 24 months who had been identified as living in high risk environments. It was a way of trying to ensure that no more babies fell through the cracks in the system and supported accountability of service providers to work in the best interests of infants and their caregivers.

2019 Knowledge Exchange

The Child Abuse Prevention Council recently hosted a Knowledge Exchange – Fostering Innovation to Strengthen Families & Prevent Child Abuse.

2019 Family Wellness Fun Fair

On October 19th, the Child Abuse Prevention Council hosted our 5th annual Family Wellness Fun Fair. This was a fun, free and family event at the Boys & Girls Club with over 250 people attending.


This site is not monitored 24/7. If you are in crisis call 911 or one of these 24/7 London crisis lines:

  •  Reach Out Mental Health & Addictions Crisis Line – 519-433-0334 or 1-866-933-2023 (call or text)
  • Anova Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Crisis Line-519-642-3000 or 1-800-265-1576
  • Atlohsa Crisis Line for Indigenous Women & Children – 1-800-605-7477
  •  Tandem Child & Youth Mental Health Support – 519-433-0334