Who We Are

The Child Abuse Prevention Council is an umbrella group of child, family and public safety organizations and independent members that work on the prevention of child maltreatment initiatives.

We facilitate professional and public awareness initiatives on reporting responsibilities, understanding shaken baby syndrome, internet exploitation, and high conflict custody and access families, among others.

We are currently exploring and creating a community-based child sexual abuse response model. Our audiences include professional groups, member agencies, as well as other service sectors, high school and university audiences and the public through media sources.

Our Values:



We believe every child is an important and respected member of society


We believe the prevention of child abuse and neglect is the responsibility of all community professionals


We believe in a society where each child can be free from the suffering of child abuse and neglect


We believe that public awareness and professional education about child abuse and neglect is essential


We believe in the provision of services to meet the diverse needs of all groups impacted by child abuse and neglect

Council Projects

Caring Community Collection

The Caring Community Collection is a multimedia collection housed in the London Public Library that provides a central resource to victims, survivors, family members and service providers. The wide array of educational resources on the topic of child maltreatment, childhood trauma, survivor issues and material on how to support victims and survivors is housed in a venue that is welcoming and easily accessible. This specialized collection includes storybooks, novels, references material, professional material and videotapes. The goal is to provide a comprehensive, accessible collection in order to lower the barriers that may exist for exploring the problem and ultimately educating the public about these issues. Click here to access the collection.


High Conflict Families Forum

The High Conflict Families Forum has been transitioned to the London Family Court Clinic as anchor agency. The Council was instrumental in engaging community partners to explore the need and feasibility of a forum for families experiencing high conflict during separation and divorce. Developing a collaborative service response will raise awareness of issues related to high conflict families, provide multi-disciplinary professional training, identify best practice, promote development of a professional network and mitigate emotional harm to children as a result of high conflict parenting relationships.


Community Based Intervention Model for Child Sexual Abuse

The Community Based Intervention Model for Child Sexual Abuse involved community research by the Council to determine need and identify intervention models. Focus groups were conducted with a wide range of community partners exploring strengths and recommendations, in addition to completion of key interviews and primary research. The research and community engagement has now been transitioned to the London Family Court Clinic for additional research and community engagement.


Child Abuse Prevention Framework

The Child Abuse Prevention Framework, that the Council is exploring, includes primary, secondary and tertiary prevention models involving strategies targeted to individual, relationship, community and societal areas. Protective factors result in strong families and successful children, and include personal resilience, knowledge of parenting, social and emotional development in children, nurturing and attachment, social connections, and concrete supports in times of need. Encouraging and supporting positive parenting and enhancing and empowering parents to thrive enhances and strengthens families and the community.