We live hectic lives and that can make us feel stressed. 

Finding time to have fun together as a family can help us stay connected and remind us what we love about our kids. 

Get their suggestions. 

Try something new together. 

Plan a family game night, see a movie, look at the stars, do science experiments. 

Come to the Family Wellness Fun Fair in October!

We live hectic lives and many families are constantly rushing from one thing to another.  That can make us feel stressed and cranky.  Taking time for having fun as a family is really important for staying connected.  Doing something fun together can sometimes also remind us how much we love our kids especially in challenging times.  Plan a family game night, see a movie, walk the dog on a nature trail, go swimming at a public pool, hit the Children’s museum, go to story time at the public library, bake cupcakes, do science experiments.  Get suggestions from your kids.  Try something new together.  Include your kids’ friends as they get older.  See the Family Fun calendar with free activities by visiting our website at www.capclm.ca